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The Eight Planets’s axial tilt, rotation and day. Ft. Dwarf Planets with Pluto and Ceres. My 2nd Page @theourdeepspace Caveat by the author on Twitter about axial tilt: "there are 2 accepted ways of defining axial tilt. Venus is 177.3° or 2.7°, Ura

Look down on the Solar System from above the Earth. Track the Earth so it always appears directly below you, but don’t turn along with it. With the passage of each year, you will see the Sun go around the Earth. As the Sun goes around the Earth 8 ti

Venus & Sun ️ My 2nd Page @theourdeepspace A jet caught in front of the Sun during the transit of Venus, the black dot on the right side of the solar disk. The last Venus transit was in 2012, and the next pair of events will not happen again until

Sun & Venus ️ My 2nd Page @theourdeepspace I shot this in Netherlands Caribbean on June 5, 2012 at approximately 6:50 PM with a small video camera at maximum zoom without a tripod.. Do you love Sun & Venus Capture Date:  June 5, 2012. Are you

Planets, Moons, Stars, Comets and More! My 2nd Page @theourdeepspace The Sun contains 99.86 percent of the Solar System's known mass, with Jupiter and Saturn making up most of the rest. The small inner planets which include Mercury, Venus, Earth an