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I tell stories about wildlife in wild places with a focus on our fellow social mammals | for @natgeo & @insidenatgeo and others.

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A six week old wild Arctic wolf pup peeks at a remote camera from behind her father’s leg on the remote Canadian island known in Inuktitut as Umingmak Nuna, meaning "land of muskoxen.” In just a few weeks, this young pup will outgrow the den life and

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At 12 weeks old, these Arctic wolf pups have left behind their blue eyes and milk teeth. Under the twilight of their first sunsets, they slowly transform into adolescents. Eating fresh meat, keeping up with the adults on travel days, soaking up every

Sponsored by @burtsbees // Humans have never existed without a healthy natural system on this planet, so my life is not only possible because of what nature allows, but is routinely improved through my experiences with the natural world. As a Nationa

Sponsored by @visitrwanda_now // This baby mountain gorilla was born on July 1, 2018 in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. She is part of the increasing number of mountain gorillas that have begun to rebound since the 1980s when there were only ~250 le

Kingdom of the White Wolf airs tonight on NatGeo WILD @natgeowild at 8PM ET The @natgeowild 3-part TV series represents the culmination of years of work and the collaboration of dozens of people who’ve worked tirelessly to create the final piece. I’m

One Eye leading the Polygon Pack during a hunting foray across the Arctic tundra. What do you think of wild wolves? Should they be allowed to roam freely, as they have for millennia, or should they be allowed only in those far reaching wilderness are

This is a story about wolves that exist in a wilderness without competition with humans for the same food sources – wild game or livestock - and to show them for the intelligent family driven social mammals that they are. Since there is no wolf hunti

Wolf kisses. One Eye was the 2 year old sister to these 10 week old pups. Of all the adults, One Eye doted on the pups the most. She would bring them food and toys. She would play and worry about them when they couldn't figure out how to cross a deep

With many social mammals, the adolescent males always seem to engage in the roughest play. Here, two yearling Arctic wolves play with 10 week old pups on the tundra of Canada’s Ellesmere Island. Even though Gray Mane was only a one year old, he was t

sound on // What does a young wolf do when he and his sister are separated from their pack? They howl, and howl, and repeat until they get a reply. I named this yearling male wolf Gray Mane and his sister Slender Foot (naming wild animals isn’t som

I’m posting imagery and stories from my article in the current issue of National Geographic Magazine (@natgeo ) about a family of wild Arctic wolves living on Ellesmere Island, Canada’s furthest northern landmass. The story focuses on a family of 10

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  • I never even understood why people are allowed to hunt wolves inside the park. I know they get shot outside the park boundaries and people intentionally try to shoot ones that they see GPS collars on