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Kate McKinnon, Comedian, Actor “When I was younger, I remember being told that I was weird. I sort of felt bad about it, then I noticed that half of the people were telling me I was weird, but the other half were laughing. So I just decided to hang a

Becca McCharen-Tran, Fashion Designer @beccamccharentran “I feel like, for a lot of teenagers, their goal is to assimilate, fit in, be accepted. I worked really hard—too hard—to try and look like models in fashion magazines. I ended up getting an eat

@loveisbailey “For me, performing is a natural gesture,” Love Bailey elaborated. “It’s not something one does on stage anymore. For me, performing is performing to my best ability in this moment right now — who am I, what am I, what am I projecting,

Abbi Jacobson, Actor, Writer, Illustrator @abbijacobson “I feel more of a responsibility to represent my experience through my work, and I feel it’s a very exciting and important time to be doing so… Older queer people remind us how far we’ve come; y

Peppermint, Drag Queen, Actress @peppermint247 "In this photo I felt so beautiful so in control and so in my own body. It's rare to see trans women of color publicly celebrated in this way when it comes to fashion and beauty, especially someone who m

Indya Moore, Actor, Activist @indyamoore @outmagazine Moore has helped bring the stories and struggles of trans women, past and present, to TV viewers around the world. “My mom understands experiences I have so much clearer now,” Moore says of the