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I had no plans of shooting any Astro on this trip. Last night my father @pcmjr and I went out to shoot the moonrise over the ocean here in Maine. It was about 7pm and moments from the moonrise when I looked up to the right and was shocked to see th

The Hunter becomes the hunted. I waited for about an hour last night while the clouds raced overhead here in the North East. For a while I didn’t think it would show it’s face and then for a few short moments the Hunter moon revealed itself. Prett

The Soul Nebula located 7500 light years from us captured here in Narrowband. I get quite a few people asking how these are processed so here are the cliff notes. When we shoot a “normal” picture we typically shoot in RGB (red,green,blue). These t

The super massive Andromeda Galaxy sits over 2 million light years from us yet still appears 6 times larger then the moon to us visually. Holding a trillion stars and billions of planets this galaxy spans 260,000 Light years across. Each light year

Without it, we wouldn’t exist. A nearly one million mile wide ball of hydrogen and helium hangs in the distance. It runs at a plasmic 27 million degrees. It doesn’t necessarily set, we just rotate away from it temporarily. If the sun where to sudd

M42 or The Orion Nebula is approximately 84 trillion miles wide while our Earth is only 8000. Even the Sun is only 860,000 miles wide, yes that’s big but it’s not 84 trillion. The magnitude of this object is too large for us to truly fathom. Using

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