" There's the fire I like to see " as Ian wants his takings, Martin tells him takings are down, putting two and two together Ben realises Martin never collected the money from the old lady. Ben tries to explain to Martin that it's not all about the

Do you think Whitney and Tiffany will eventually find out who Leo is? Comment who u think will find out the truth about Leo King first... #eastenders @bbceastenders @maisiesmithofficial @shonabmx

  • I so need to watch this as I missed it last night. But tiff his rite tho they do end up In tears

  • I don’t think Callum will help,as I believe Leo is going to stitch him up over something that happened when he was in the army. So I think it needs Tiffany to get in touch with her Mum, Bianca , as she knows all about Leo!! Just hope this story line does not go on & on.

Thursday 24th October: Leo continues with his scheming as he tries to charm Whitney, but he knows he needs to get Callum out the picture.. Leo sets up his plan so that Whitney finds a file on his laptop with Callum’s name on it! It’s awkward timing w

  • @curran.x I'm intrigued too 😏😏 thanks for explaining it 😅👍🏻

  • Whitney seems to be getting more silly in the head 😂 she doesn’t think does she

made this in honour of the pink news award win ️‍ this episode means more to me than i could ever explain and the award was so well deserved, bigggg love

Tuesday 22nd & Thursday 24th October: Jay struggles after a blast from the past. The latest funeral booking is for a Terry Bates, the man who was responsible for Jay’s father’s death! Callum and Billy both worry about Jay and his behaviour. Jay remai

Monday 21st October: Martin turns to Kush for help and confides in him about Ben blackmailing him! Kush and Martin confront Ben. However, Ben refuses to back down and Martin’s forced to come up with a risky plan to get out of this mess! #eastenders #

Monday 21st October: Gray surprises Chantelle by announcing their baby news at the Vic! However, he’s actually angry at Chantelle for working without consulting him first.. Gray lets his true feelings show, as Chantelle becomes unsettled by his behav

  • 😭😥

  • I don’t like the way Eastenders is going. I think it’s time to stop watching it after all these years. It’s no longer a family show.

‘s Collab Just thank you so fucking much for the love and the support you all give me I’m honestly so great full for everything, I don’t deserve any of the love you you all give me on my edits Thank you to the people that have joined this thank you

Monday 21st October: A thief targets Whitney’s stall and runs of as she steals something! However, Whitney spots her and tries to catch the girl as her angry side comes out.. Whitney doesn’t manage to stop the thief, so Gray chases after them! Gray t

  • That looks like the girl at the football team that mick and mitch trains at.

  • Why is Gray never at work?

21st October: Martin confides in Kush about Ben blackmailing him, so the pair confront Ben! But when Ben refuses to back down with his demands, Martin comes up with a risky plan to get out of the mess! What will he do? #eastenders #martinfowler #kush

21st October: Gray catches the thief and likes the fact that he’s the hero! However, when he passes the salon, he’s surprised to see Chantelle covering a shift! Gray then surprises Chantelle by revealing their baby news to everyone in The Vic, but he

  • I think the story is so much deeper they’re things we don’t know xx

  • Why was chantelle covering the shift

𝟏𝟐𝐭𝐡 𝐀𝐮𝐠𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟗 ↳9.19pm | 302 two months, five days since this iconic episode

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Monday October 21st: Louise and Keanu have a big decision to make, as Lisa wants them to move to Portugal with her. Keanu isn’t so sure about it, but Louise thinks it’s a good idea. Lisa is upset when she overhears Louise saying that she owes it to M

Gary Lucy. Actor. Purchase. ______________________________________________________ On Wednesday 16th October, I received two envelopes of autographs in the post. The first envelope contained an eBay purchase of this Eastenders cast card signed by act

  • Ive tried to meet home in person a few times and he never seems to use the stage door and when he does he's never signed for me!

•Do you agree or Disagree? . - •I agree/Disagree I mean every show has a character that is always in the spotlight it’s just how shows work . - •NOT OUR CONFESSIONS . - Got an EastEnders confession? Send it in through dm#eastenders

  • Agree

  • I totally agree it’s getting annoying give someone else a chance in the spotlight that doesn’t really get it

Next week; Martin is left quietly confident that it is all done and dusted that Ben is off his case forever. As Martin looks to the future, it’s clear that Martin has underestimated Ben and he’s left in terrible danger when Ben exacts his revenge. Wh