The setting was almost fairytale like. A Disney-esque location that could have been straight out of a movie near the end of the world. One of the reasons I appreciate these aerial perspectives is to see how the light subtlety shifts and changes a lan

The city of Hamilton is nestled on the banks of the mighty Waikato River on New Zealand’s North Island, and it is known for its walks, gardens, cafes and nightlife. It’s also known as the Tron. Please, someone tell me why. I have to know. . One thing

The Aniva lighthouse is a remote nuclear lighthouse off the southern coast of Sakhalin. This lighthouse was designed to be autonomous or unmanned & was decommissioned many years ago, it now sits as a reminder of a bygone era. We entered the lighthous

Seriously, how beautiful is this kākā? A native New Zealand parrot found chattering in the forests, they are lovely and I always try and listen out for them when I know they are in the area. I recently met a handful of cheeky and curious kākā at the

Things are getting busy for me at this time of the year, as usual, and it’s hard to find time to edit some photos from past trips. Because of that, I tend to forget what I recently photographed. So every time I go through old photos, one of my bigge

Sigh, dreaming of those lazy days pampering myself in Dubai. Nothing comes close to the spas I’ve encountered in the UAE. I think I’ll be back sooner rather than later too on an exciting new project and always making sure my go-to travel insurance in

Today is your last chance to win a spot on an all-inclusive expedition with @kathmandugear - yes, it’s all paid for! . When I was a girl, I grew up reading stories of adventure, of discovering ancient temples in the jungle or stumbling upon a sealed

WIN! An all-inclusive expedition with @kathmandugear - ends tomorrow night! . How many of you guys dream about making history with an unchartered expedition? Or pioneering a new trail somewhere amazing in the world? These opportunities don’t come aro

Series of images from wonderful Japan. Join my photography workshop next year in this wonderful country in the peak of autumn colors in November. This time of the year maples turn deep red colors. We'll experience traditional Japanese culture staying

A perfect sunset on Lake Karapiro in the beautiful @waikatonewzealand a few weeks ago ️ what a beautiful part of the country the south Waikato is, idyllic, lush and peaceful. . We headed off at dusk for a paddle across the still low towards the Pokai

The first time I crossed the Canadian border into BC was also the first time I wore a 5mm wetsuit. It was the first time I experienced an ice cream headache from diving under freezing cold water & took a boat ride to a remote wave. First time seeing

Mount Fuji San is an icon of Japan. And no doubts it's perfect subject for photography. I took these shots during my photography workshops in Japan around Fuji Five lakes area. It's one of the highlights in this tour - to visit such beautiful nature

A little slice of Swiss life. I’ve always wondered what it might be like to grow up in a small village like this. Do you? My last name ‘Burkard’ comes from a long Swiss lineage and although it’s not my name by birth I have always felt a strong conn

I appreciate a high resolution edited photograph as much as anyone... but to see these complex glacial river systems with the naked eye gives you a whole new appreciation for their constantly changing beauty. No need to do anything fancy when they lo

Grainy, slightly out of focus and shot handheld at midnight on the side of a wall. Kinda exactly what you expect while shooting 1,500 ft in a hanging belay at ISO 10,000. Rest assured that this frigid experience in Switzerland is seared deep into the

Slovenia peaceful autumn morning. In this little wonderful country you can find hundreds of beautiful churches. Some of them are located on top of such beautiful hills surrounded by mountains. #slovenia

Life can be pretty awesome. But its important to constantly remind myself ( and others) that my job isn’t to entertain people online. I’m lucky to share what I do for work commercially & personally, intermixed with a bit of my family life at times. T

  • 👏🏼👏🏼 the way your mind works. Your photos are great but your ability to articulate the murkiness, that’s what I find inspiring. And llamas forever

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It's not Tatooine - that's desert between Saudi Arabia and Jordan. I made a vertical panorama here with focus stacking on the dry bush. Nikon Z 7 + nikkor 14-24 mm + gitzo traveler tripod without central column + Lucroit polarizer filter. Danielkord

I cherish the ability to use this platform as a visual diary. Spent some time this morning scrolling back to a year ago when I set out with my dad, brother & a few family friends for our yearly Yosemite backcountry trip. It’s our family tradition I h

Altay mountains in Russia is incredible destination for autumn photography. All mountain valleys are shining with gold of larch trees! With fresh snow on high mountains, vast rivers and lakes it's a true wild paradise for landscape photographers. #r

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  • This is so good Daniel. Totally would love to see that with my own eyes one day

Corey Rich has been one of my greatest influences in not only photography but in storytelling as a whole. I’ve even referred to him as the godfather of adventure photography at times in terms of his influence on the genre haha. Being able to teach al

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