Hey all!! Just wanted to let you know that the shop is re-opened, and these are the newest stickers added to the collection =). β € // ORDER UPDATE: For those wondering about their sticker orders. We had miscalculated how many Nezuko stickers we'd need

  • That Cloud though. My heart. πŸ–€

  • The day you make a sailor moon one omg my wallet will be gone😫

Catch us #buggin '. All bug team, so awesome! For those wondering, commissions are completely full up for custom work. But the place you'd find info about them would be in the print shop at projectrocket.storenvy.com. Thanks ️. #anime #art #pokemon #t

Pacing myself through the last handful of commissions . I'm just really excited to show you guys what other projects I have going on ;). Also, still getting over a little cold because of the sudden weather change, so my soul is not all there. Remembe

This is last Tuesday's #inktober . Maybe still my fav so far. I'm keeping an eye out for this dress. I still want it. Haha If you'd like to see today's illustration, stop by my YouTube channel for a process video!

I really like the hands on this one. (also, the palette has a bunch of tones of black mixed for another drawing. Hahaha thought I'd mention before you point out I only used one tone in this picture.) lol #inktober2019 #inktober